C-Section Core Binder

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C-Section Core Binder (Hem-It-In-Belt) – by AbdoMend™ for Hysterectomy, Da Vinci Method, Laparoscopic surgery, Umbilical Hernia, Back Support, Vaginal birth.

The cotton, elastic after surgery belt is smaller and has a tighter compression than the Belly Band w/ Extra Strap. Perfect to wear underneath your clothes.



C-Section Core Binder

by Abdomend for effective Abdominal Surgery Recovery

Suitable post-surgery for the following: Caesarean Section, Fibroid surgery, Illiostomy, Tummy Tuck, Hysterectomy, any Abdominal Surgery

Description: Caesarean Section Core Binder by Abdomend is suitable for post abdominal surgery for both women and men

  • Caesarean Section Core Binder helps your tummy shrink and protects your incision as you recover from your surgery
  • Previously known as ‘Hem-It-In’ this uniquely effective  Caesarean Section Core Binder is  100% cotton covered elastic and can be worn immediately after vaginal birth or 2-3 weeks after a c section.
  • Caesarean Section Core Binder  (Hem-It-In) has a 6″ Velcro® closure attachment pad.
  • Sizes range from 6″-10″ wide, so your size and support needs can easily be met.
  • Comfortable and cool on the skin
  • Great for wearing under clothing, for the discreet support needed as you get back to enjoying life with baby. Also great for post vaginal birth.

Features & Benefits:

  • Wear your Core Binder for 2-6 months after Appendix Surgery, Tummy Tuck, Hysterectomy, Fibroid Removal, Hernia, C-Section, or Pregnancy.
  • Belly Binding is a proven method to help you recover faster.
  • Heal the incision, prevent any tearing, and get you back to being you!
  • The support belt allows you to move more easily, support your back and stomach while reducing pain.
  • Be Confident in your body! Shrink hips and tummy, while reducing the scar and stretch marks.
  • Reduce your pain
  • Protect  your delicate C-Section or abdominal incision
  • Support your back and internal organs
  • Encourages muscle memory
  • Move your body in comfort while caring for the baby
  • Discreet and easy to wear under your clothes
  •  Comfortable and cool

 Core Binder Size Chart  

Small      8-10                     32” – 38”  5″ wide   Weight 125-135 lb

Medium   12-14                   34” – 45”  8″ wide   Weight 135-150 lb

Large        16-18                   38” – 47”  8″ wide   Weight 150-165 lb

XL 20-22

Nb: Please add 2-5″ for your post surgical swelling size

, for a better fit, this binder can be worn inside out to make smaller.

For the complete solution for Abdominal Surgery recovery you need the C-Section Recovery Kit

Tip: To make the Caesarean Section Core Binder (Hem-It-In Belt) a bit smaller, turn it inside out.


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  1. Una Cumming

    My order arrived on time and beautifully packaged. I am very happy with it and it is exactly as described. Very good quality and although I have not washed it yet I am sure that it will wash well on a 30 degree cycle judging by the materials. Very happy! (Posted on 12/4/2014)

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